Comprehensive solutions projects, construction and Industrial assemblies and Naval.

Production of equipment, machinery and process components in stainless steel

and Engineering

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About us

Herxon Engineering

We are a company with over 20 years of experience that bases its growth in the innovation, development and technological upgrading.

Herxon Engineering

The Company

We offer our customers efficiency and reliability in project interventions.


Answer - Innovation
Creativity - Professionalism

Strategic objectives

Quality and high added value applied to processes in order to obtain solutions and satisfactory results that respond to the needs of our customers.

Matrix of processes

Concept - Development - Production

With the mission provide solutions and services of the highest quality and high added value is that we try to constitute ourselves as a leading reference in the field.

Herxon Engineering

Technical Consulting

We provide specialized services in this field of the industry, with the goal of helping businesses optimize their processes and achieve peak performance in their metallurgical operations.

Herxon Industry

Area Naval

In the field of maritime, we offer solutions for metallurgical engineering designed to meet the specific needs of the maritime industry. From the design and manufacture of components and naval to the repair and maintenance of metal structures, our approach focuses on ensuring the safety and efficiency in the marine environments are more demanding.

Industrial Area

In the industrial sector, we provide a wide range of services metallurgists for various industrial applications. Our highly trained team works in close collaboration with our customers to develop tailored solutions, optimizing the strength, durability and performance of the metals used in manufacturing and industrial construction.

Comprehensive solutions projects, constructions and assemblies naval and industrial.

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